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MrShortcut: "Excellence cannot occur accidentally...
including yours"

Take control of your health effectively and quickly, NATURALLY.
Air, water, never-heated oil, minerals (air-dried sea salt & coral calcium),
GREENS and other colors from the ground, HABITUAL probiotic supplementation, and, of only barely-lesser importance, laughter & orgasms: THESE are the superfoods of life

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Take complete control your health with the best methods and shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires methods,
shortcuts of those who have already done it. Bottom line: People living stronger for longer!!
Everyone else is full of baloney, and no, not kosher baloney.

Who does it best, who SHOWS it best proves that they know it best, meriting imitation.
When we imitate the actions and attitudes and habitual practices of those who do better,
we VASTLY increase the probabilities of replicating their better and best results, habitually.

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from the greatest doctor on earth

Health Shortcuts From The Natural Health Highway

Health shortcuts are the basis of the Natural Health Highway.
The more we learn, the better and longer we shall tend to live.
This is proven every day by those who embrace great health shortcuts.
The Natural Health Highway is a never-ending quest for health shortcuts.

Health shortcuts for you, some health shortcuts for me,
contact with health shortcuts is how to live more happily.
health shortcuts, health shortcuts, that is why we are here,
promoting more great health shortcuts, mostly for you, my dear.
Reach for more health shortcuts, and preach great health shortcuts,
for all the oldest of health shortcuts can often be as good as the new.

The Natural Health Highway Conveys What Secrets?
health shortcuts for you and health shortcuts for me,
contact with health shortcuts is how to live more happily.
health shortcuts, health shortcuts, that is why we are here,
promoting more great health shortcuts, mostly for you, my dear.
Reach for more health shortcuts, and preach those old health shortcuts,
for the oldest is often as good as the new.

Live Your Natural Health Highway.
Start with the easiest health shortcuts.
Health shortcuts through my life for health,
because health is the greatest form of wealth.
Health Shortcuts for them and health shortcuts for me,
contact with healthier shortcuts is how we exist quite happily.
Health shortcuts from other health shortcuts, that happens very often,
considering that health shortcuts can this painful journey sweetly soften.
Promulgating greater health shortcuts, primarily for those who have little,
because the richest amongest us, using healthiest shortcuts, care not a tittle.
Expanding on better health shortcuts, embracing the healthiest life we can live,
after all that's been said and done in this forum, it is all a healthy chance to give.
The more we give, the more we get, so give more health shortcuts, it's your best bet.
Reach for more empowering health shortcuts, teaching all that you live of good health,
and the Natural Health Highway assures you will then, posesses the greatest of wealth.

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Another MisterShortcut creation for the Psychology of Shortcuts and the Natural Health Highway.

Stop wasting time with petty conversations. They bring you no profit, no release, no assistance.
You only get 2,000 paychecks in a typical life. How many have you already burned your way through?
One of the many tricks to getting wealthy is to spend zero on consuming for one hundred weeks.
You will be shocked at how many thousands of dollars you will have in one hundred weeks.
It is a tiny portion of your life, and promises to be the richest you imagined.
Please stop pretending you know better than those who are doing better.
You do not "NEED" that five-dollar cup of coffee, now or ever.
That dollar doughnut cost approximately one penny to make,
ONE SINGLE PENNY, yet you pay one hundred times that.
As well, the doughnut has "high fructose corn syrup,"
although there is, in fact, no such thing as "corn syrup."
If you do not believe this, attach 100 taps to any ear of corn.
Not one of those hundred syrup taps will produce one drop of syrup.
That's because there IS no such thing as corn syrup; it is manufactured.
It cancels hydrochloric acid in the stomach, erasing all nutrition from your food.
Did you know this? When you drink soda or anything containing fructose corn syrup or sugar,
your body is not capable of drawing nutrition from your food, no matter how healthy it might be.
Investing your money is so much smarter than spending it, because each dollar will become a hundred.
THEN will you be in a position to consume, or share, or further invest, as and when you see fit to do so.

The greatest success shortcuts for wealth are, not coincidentally, the greatest shortcuts for health, too.

Health Choices Over Chances - Aiming For The Best Health Possible

Health is more of a choice than a chance. Better decisions may be easier than you've realized.
Learn more, that you might live more. Developing greater health and wealth may lead to giving.
Our objective? For you to learn more, live more, give more ... and we will all likely smile more.

Welcome to a most fantastic network, with more pages than a human could ever read in one lifetime,
brought to you by MisterShortcut in memory of Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, greatest doctor,
genuinely believed to be the greatest doctor on earth, with thousands of successess, all naturally.

Learn more, live more, give more,
our healthiest of all prescriptions